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Midnight Photography Workshops

Sunshine Coast Region

Wanting to improve your landscape shots? Want to take full control of your camera and get off that Auto button? 


Come join Chrystal of Midnight Photography on a fun, easy going and inspiring landscape photography workshop and receive exclusive coaching in the field of helping you become a better landscape photographer.


Learn your camera settings with an easy to understand explanation of what each dial and button does and how it effects your images, while Chrystal will be there by your side to guide you and answer any questions or uncertainties along the way.


Chrystal teaches custom workshops so that you can get the most out of yours, so that you can walk away with the knowledge and shots you've always been trying to achieve, regardless what level and experience you have with a camera.


Whatever it may be that you particularly  want to learn, Chrystal's focus (pun not intended) is to make sure you leave your workshop with confidence and technics in how to capture and process stunning imagery on your next photography adventure.

NiSi Filters

Want to test out some NiSi Filters? Come see for yourself how they work, what they do, why you should use them and how to use them.


Other locations can be arranged upon request, feel free to send Chrystal an email with any questions you may have.


  • DSLR with manual controls

  • Wide angle lens (recommended)

  • Tripod

  • Remote shutter release

  • Filters are highly recommended. If you'd like to try out some NiSi Filters or would like to learn how to use them, please let Chrystal know so she can bring them along to your workshop for you to play with

Complete Workshop Package

This includes on field teaching + photo processing in Photoshop and/or Lightroom
Approx 3 hours



  • Understanding the individual settings of shutter speed (exposure), aperture (f stop) and ISO so that you can take full control of your camera in manual mode

  • Understanding depth of field and how to get your images focused and sharp throughout, including techniques on how to shoot sharp images in the dark


  • Chrystal specialises in how to compose an image for different scenes and scenarios. She will teach you the thought process on how to frame your image for visually strong compositions for different conditions​


  • How to control dynamic range in difficult scenes and how to easily read a histogram


  • How to use NiSi filters, which ones to use and how to easily calculate the exposure time.

  • How to create star trails and shoot the milky way


  • How to create long exposures to get that "milky" water effect and that amazing cloud movement


  • Valuable resources to help you plan your next shot around the weather, tides and Milky Way​


  • Simple editing to advanced processing technics in Photoshop, Lightroom and other amazing software to give your images that WOW factor


  • Feeling more creative? Learn how to blend different exposures and images and how to make them look natural​ and realistic